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FleetCo's VISION

FleetCo is building the next generation fleet management system - that combines advanced technologies including, but not limited to Artificial Intelligence, Sensors and Internet-of-Things, Internet-of-Human-Things, Internet-of-Industrial-Things, Cloud Computing, Fog Technology, and blockchain.

FleetCo includes a unique service that allows individuals to access and control their fleet-vehicles from the comfort of their home securely and reliably.

FleetCo introduces a new way and a smart way for the fleet management system.

FleetCo provides Business Advisory and Business Intelligence solutions to the transport companies and individual transport owners to manage their business better, efficiently and profitably.

Our Features

Advantage of the FleetCo


Security System





Few Steps to Engage FleetCo System

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  • 01. Registration On The Platform

    Integrate Fog Device to FleetCo Cloud Platform.
    Just sign up in few steps.

  • 02. Passing Verification

    Our services make sure only authorized users are using the product.
    Call us to speed up the process.

  • 03. Select a plan

    Many options are available for subscription.
    For small scale owners to large scale fleets.

  • 04. Ship the devices/Bring your vehicles to nearest installers.

    Installation of our Fog devices can be done at authorized centers.
    New vehicle added to your Fleet? Call us.

  • 05. Activate the device

    Just few click and you are all set.

  • 06. Install app/check dashboard on web

    You can view the dashboard and if the vehicle is added to your fleet
    from app or on web.

Development of FleetCo Platform
(Road Map)

  • 2018


    (September - October)

    Market Research

    (October - Novemeber)

  • 2018

    (4Q 2018)

    Formation of founders team &
    Business plan

    (1Q 2019)

    Start of


    (2Q 2019)

    WhitePaper Landing page,
    Collaborations and Customer Aquisition

    (3Q 2019)

    Launch Platform
    in beta test mode

  • 2020

    (1Q 2020)

    Medium scale Launch
    Systems and work
    with API Partners

    (2Q 2020)

    Launch the
    Platform in
    Full mode

    (3Q 2020)

    Roll out
    New AI

FleetCo HARDWARE Plans


Target system to include basic functionalities

Special Bonus
System Launch

Target system to include adavanced and customizable functionalities

Introductory Bonus:

Time bonus
1 YEAR 15%
6 MONTHS 10%

This values are subject to change based on demand. Post launch prices may vary based on availablity and demand.

Core Team

Vivek Jyothi

(CEO & Co-Founder)

Vivek Jyothi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Fleetco.in. With the background in Electronics and Communication, he was heading a team in the Nano-Satellite Development and Diabetic Detection using IoT research at IISc during his studies. He has also presented a paper on Forest Fire Detection System at International Conference (SSTDM-2013). Vivek is currently pursuing General Management for Young Leaders program at IIM Bengaluru. Above all this, he has four years of experience in Business Advisory role (Enterprise Intelligence & Analytics) at Ernst & Young, Bangalore.

Dr. Vinayaka Jyothi (PhD)


Vinayaka Jyothi is the Co-Founder of Fleetco.in. Having graduated with a Ph.D. degree in Hardware and Network Security from New York University(NYU), New York, USA. He holds patents on '' System, method and computer-accessible medium for network intrusion detection'' and ''Ring oscillator based design for trust'', he has also contributed as an author to the book ''Hardware Trojan War'' with the chapter named ''Hardware Trojan Attacks in FPGA and protection Approaches'' and also holds more than 10 publication in journals and international conferences.

Gowri Shankar


Gowri Shankar is a Co-Founder of Fleetco.in. She has more than ten years of experience in the Transportation business and is an Enthusiast in systematic investments and innovative startups.

Sahana MS

(Telematics Architect)

Sahana MS is a Telematics Architect. With the background in Electronics and Communication. She has a masters degree in Embedded Systems from Germany. Ex-Intern at Continental Automotive GmBH in the Infotainment and Telematics Department. She has also worked at Valeo Peiker Telematics, Germany.

Our Advisors

Mr. Srihari Srinivas

Legal Advisor

A lawyer by profession and associated with the High Court of Karnataka. He is an asset to our company in terms of Legal Advisory role.

Mr. Shankar NR

Business Advisor

Shankar NR has 20+ experience in Transport Business services. He is a subject matter expert and knows in and out of the transport business. Shankar has huge customers base and provides services to more than 4000 transport vehicles. Shankar is an essential asset to the company in widening our customer base and knowing the transport industry from inside out.